Frequently Asked Questions

How to change phone number?2020-06-26T22:28:09+08:00

Old Phone no.

New Phone no.

Upload selfie with ARC

*Important: No need to sign up again. Login with your new number and just wait for confirmation messages in Livechat!


How to register?2020-03-08T21:04:41+08:00
How to make a transaction?2019-10-16T19:29:55+08:00

Tutorial image: https://bit.ly/31bRXEP

How to download SET from iPhone?2019-10-16T21:23:45+08:00

Download Link:  https://apple.co/2PcCjY8

How to download SET from Android phone?2019-10-16T19:55:01+08:00

Download link: http://bit.ly/2HefNYs

How to check MTCN?2019-10-16T20:27:24+08:00

Step by step: https://bit.ly/31mA6Ly

How to add receiver?2019-10-16T20:37:48+08:00